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  • What is QAMCO?

    QAMCO acts as a holding company for QatarEnergy’s shares in Qatalum, a highly profitable producer of aluminium. QAMCO’s sole purpose will be to offer investors the opportunity to participate in Qatar’s aluminium manufacturing sector.

  • What is QAMCO’s dividend policy?

    Subject to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, any decision to pay dividends to Shareholders and the amount of such dividends will be at the discretion and upon the recommendation of the Board. The amount of any dividends may vary from year to year. The distribution of dividends will be dependent upon a number of factors, including the future profit of Qatalum, financial position, capital requirements of Qatalum, legal reserve requirements, distributable reserves, available credit of QAMCO, general economic conditions, and other factors that the directors deem significant from time to time.

  • Will QAMCO be used to acquire other assets?

    There are no plans at this time to acquire other assets.

  • What is QatarEnergy’s long-term plan for its shares in QAMCO?

    Qatar Energy has no intention to sell its share in QAMCO.

  • Do you expect any material changes to the feedstock contract in the near future?

    No material changes to the feedstock contract is expected in the near future.

  • Do you have plans to invest overseas?

    Currently, there are no plans to invest overseas.

  • What are your expansion plan for the next five years?

    Qamco intends to focus on market development by expanding its geographical footprint, efficiency gains via the on-going cost optimization programs.

  • How do you see QAMCO over the next five years?

    QAMCO will maintain stable operating production and sales volumes with facilities operating at or above their capacity. Therefore, QAMCO’s future financial performance over the next five years is predominantly price driven, with some opportunities available for further optimization.

  • What is the dividend purification ratio?

    In this regard, please refer to the competent authority, namely Zakat Fund, which discloses on their website the purification ratios for the listed companies.

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